About Parkway Dental in Scarborough, ON

Dr. Raj Sivendra is the proud owner of two very successful dental practices. His first location is based in Scarborough, in the Parkway Mall and his second location is based in North York, in the Parkwoods Village Plaza.

Parkway Dental celebrated its 37th Anniversary in 2020. It has been an exciting journey, which started with a small office on the west end of the mall and eventually expanding to five times its size. Construction started on the first Parkway location soon after Christmas in 1982. The office opened for business on March 5, 1983 with a modest two operatories, with Dr. Sivendra as the principal dentist and Sam Spataro, who is still one of our resident denturists. This original site is now part of Gabby’s Restaurant.

In 1990 the office moved to the east end of the mall, doubling its size to 2,200 sq ft. This location is presently part of the new Shoppers Drug Mart.

In January 2000, we moved to our present location, near the food court, doubling our size again to 5000 sq ft. and 15 operatories.

In January 2020, another expansion and facelift took place, and presently we have 20 operatories.

In 2016, we opened our new location. Parkwoods Dental Office which is located at the newly constructed Parkwoods Village Plaza in North York. The new location will act as a sister office to the nearby Parkway Dental and will provide family and specialist dentistry. Parkwoods Dental Office is fully affiliated with Parkway Dental at Parkway Mall, sharing resources and staff. We have a fantastic team of staff members, including associates, specialists, denturists, restorative hygienists, hygienists, assistants and administrative staff. It is with their help and dedication that Parkway and Parkwoods Dental have become the successes that they are today.

Over this time, our offices have seen over 80,000 patients. We thank our patients for their kind referrals without which our growth and expansion would not have been possible.

Dr. Sivendra opened his Pickering Dental office in 1993 located at the Pickering Town Centre. Over the next 25 years the practice grew to over 5000 sq feet and 15 operatories! In 2019 the practice transitioned to new owners. He also was the previous owner of the Malvern Town Centre Dental Office and the Warden Woods Mall Dental Office.

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